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This is said to be the largest model railroad layout in Russia. It’s big! It’s good! It’s a fairly long video but a friend sent it to me by email and it’s well worth a look.

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Wondering how to make great scenery?
Save yourself the headache. Save time. Save MONEY!
And learn step-by-step how to make the scenery
you always dreamed about.


There is an easier, and less expensive, way to make realistic model railroad scenery.  It’s good for all scales of model railroads. It’s good for dioramas. It’s just good.  You can do it.  It’s much easier. And fun.

Many of my scenes are inspired by my travels. Colorado, the Rocky Mountains, the Sierras and Cascades, Great Smoky Mountains, Vermont and upstate New York, the Midwest – those travel destinations and many more. The more dramatic the terrain the better the ideas.

Any layout can have flat or rolling terrain. But if you want something more – fantastic looking areas that have steep mountains, tunnels, waterfalls, rugged canyons, mountain streams and lakes – then jump onboard!

Did you know?

The standard gauge (width between the two rails) in the US is the unusual number of 4 feet, 8.5 inches. Why was that gauge used?

The answer is on the Honor Flight page

I’ll come to work on your layout.

Just email me to share your dreams.







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